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  2. Wait for our confirmation email - it usually arrives in just a minute or two
    1. Click on the confirmation link on the email, or
    2. If the email doesn't have a clickable link in it, come back here and fill in the 'Sign up / Confirm' page
  3. Wait for the welcome email. If your verification code is correct, it will arrive in just a minute or two
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  4. Sign in, and add your sites
    • Free members can have up to 3 sites listed
    • You can also upgrade to a higher membership and show up to 100 websites and earn credits even faster! 

Then, start building up credits, so that your sites continue to display

  • Surf for credits:
    • Instant Surf: Free members earn 0.5 credits per visit, on a 15-second timer
    • Manual Surf: Free members earn 1 credit per visit (manual surf), on a 10-second timer
    • Professional memberships earn more credits (up to 3.5) per visit
    • Professional memberships have have shorter (faster) timers (down to 4 seconds) for even faster credit building!
    • Enhance your earnings an additional 5% by allowing a weekly email from your upline member
  • Advertise for credits:
    • Free members earn 0.5 credits per unique visitor in a 24-hour period
    • People that join after seeing your referral page earn you 100 credits upon confirmation
    • You receive a weekly bonus of 3% of all your referral's surfing earnings.
  • Become a banner exchange website:
    • Add some code to your websites' pages that displays our banner exchange members' banners, and you can earn 0.1 to 0.15 credits per impression
  • Become a text-ad exchange website:
    • Add some code to your websites' pages that displays our text-ad exchange members' text ads, and you can earn 0.05 credits per impression (up to 9 impressions per page!).

We have a page called Member Quotes, if you are interested in what other members are saying about our exchange.

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