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Pricing information

Welcome to eMediaWorld.

We are the Premier 2.0 Traffic Exchange Website.

This page will help you learn how credits are earned or purchased here at eMediaWorld.

To start, you should read how our system works by reading how this works, some of these terms might not make a lot of sense but you can learn them at this page.

Everyone that signs up here at eMediaWorld gets a FREE membership to start. You can earn 'credits' or 'tokens' as a Free member. These 'credits' or 'tokens' can be used to have visitors see your website or Affiliate URL.

If you are looking to generate even more traffic to your website or Affiliate URL you can upgrade for a small monthly fee and increase the number of credits you earn per page viewed and get a lower timer at the same time. Our complete list of Membership options is available at Membership Levels Page, which discusses the costs and benefits of various upgrades, and the features available to each membership level. Referral bonuses and earnings are also discussed there.

Sometimes you just don't have the extra time to surf and earn credits. We have developed a great and cost effective program here at eMediaWorld. If you are a Webmasters looking to get a quick boost in traffic to your website or Affiliate ID without surfing, you may purchase credits through our membership area. We have structured pricing to fit just about every budget. To see our current pricing and Special Credit Deals have a look at the Credits Page where you can see all the costs, and bulk-discounts available for purchasing credits.

Those looking for network-marketing style methods of earning hits should also check the Downline Pricing Page. That page describes how you can purchase 'free agent' members into your downline to get a running start.

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