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Welcome to eMediaWorld the
Fastest FREE Traffic Exchange on the internet!

eMediaWorld now offers Free Traffic, Instant Surf and AutoSurf and Manual Surf. eMediaWorld includes a Banner Exchange, Traffic Exchange, Text Ad Exchange, Manual Surf Traffic Exchange, AutoSurf Traffic Exchange all on the same system. Our traffic solutions will get you free traffic to your website today.

5,000 Free Traffic Credits FREE to Join!
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eMediaWorld is the fastest traffic exchange on the internet today!
While other traffic exchanges are raising their timers to 20, 30 or even more seconds we are LOWERING our timers!

eMediaWorld Is A Unique Free Traffic Exchange System For Websites & Business Owners Wanting High Exposure. We have combined an Instant/Auto Surf , Manual Surf, Banner and a Text Ad Exchanges, all on the same credit system.

You can surf any Traffic Exchange you want. Why not surf one of the FASTEST growing Exchanges on the internet,. Not only will receive MANY visitors to your website, we share our secrets and show you all our stats so you can repeat our success for your own website.

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eMediaWorld is the First 2.0 version. This is a the most powerful Free Traffic Exchange combination available today:

  • See why we are the Most Advanced Traffic Exchange on the Internet today:
    • Receive 5,000 FREE Credits Upon Sign-Up To Start You Off.
    • Auto/Instant Surf or Manual Surf available from the same account.
    • Add up to 3 URL(s) Once Your Account Has Been Created.
    • Surf Without Logging Into Account With Links Provided.
    • Full Live Stats On All Exchange Accounts.
    • You Will Receive Bonuses For Each New Referral.
    • Your site seen on multiple Traffic Exchanges, giving you more free unique hits to your website.
    • Daily login bonus, bonus pages earning you more credits everyday.
    • Weekly and Monthly contest.
    • Only one account allowed per person.
    • Save your bandwidth for your customers: Upload banners to our site.
    • Now that you have seen what we have to offer. What are you waiting for?.
  • Own A Traffic Exchange?:
    • If you are the owner of an Auto/Instant or Manual Traffic Exchange, we are always looking for new owners of traffic exchanges that are interested in trading credits and membership levels with eMediaWorld. As you can imagine, this is a great way to save on advertisement cost. Send us an email with your proposal details to admin at mytrafficwave dot com and we will get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Improve both your message delivery and statistics with a 'Way Station'
    • Show a group of sites together, in sequence to each user
    • Improve viewer response through more detailed messages
    • Improve your site's surfing statistics:
      • Sequential displays improve 'visit duration' and 'page views' figures
    • No one offers this but us!
Use our Ad Exchange for even more options
  • Get increased exposure with your text ads on other members' sites
  • Earn advertising from your existing traffic by putting a 1-line script on your site that displays text ads...
  • Keep it consistent with your site: You control the width, color, and placement of ads on your site.
  • An example of our ad exchange banner is at the bottom right of this page.
  • Get increased exposure with your banners on other members' sites
  • Earn advertising from your existing traffic by putting a 1-line script on your site that displays banners
  • An example of our banner exchange banner is at the bottom of this page
  • Now that you have seen what we have to offer. What are you waiting for?.

eMediaWorld is A Unique Free Traffic Exchange System For Websites & Business Owners wanting Heavy Exposure. If you are looking to increase your website ranking at tracking sites like, or if you are just looking to increase your ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo then you have found the ideal resource.

We have combined an Autosurf Marketing Program with a Banner and a Text Ad Exchanges and Professional Newswire Service. Have you ever wondered how a website can go from being registered on one day to being listed in the top 100,000 websites in in weeks? Have you ever wanted to get listed in Google, Yahoo or other Search Engines in less than 48 hours WITHOUT having to Join their "Pay-per-Click" Programs?

I am talking about truly organic listings in Search engines. We assist webmasters and business owners daily with this.

Our system is designed to help you promote your site by increasing number of visitors that actually view your site.

We reward you for being active in our traffic exchange with cash and additional traffic. Thousands of Free Traffic credits awarded daily.

So you say "I have no time to surf for traffic"? - Well we make it easy for you. You can Purchase Affordable Traffic here. Send us your Website URL and we will send you all the traffic you need.

Don't worry about joining or messing with anything. We can sell you traffic you need so you can focus on your building your business while we focus on delivering you traffic.

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International Members Are Welcome!

Surfing Disclosures Statement:
Absolutely No Frame Breakers, Popups, Popins, PopUnders, PopOvers, ExitExchanges, Prompt Popups, Auto Downloads, Malicious Scripts, Flyin Ads, Slide-in Ads, Paid-To-Promote sites, Hop. Clickbank sites, Rotators, Redirections or Forwards to a different URL than submitted (includes tinyurl, linkbrander or any other url redirect/cloaking service). No Adult, Pharmacy, Warez or Illegal Content or links to them! Please DO NOT submit them, they will be deleted with all credits lost!
All sites must be approved by the administrator before they are allowed to be viewed on our surf-frame. Please check your sites thoroughly before submitting for approval.

This web site is NOT an Internet Investment business, we will not ask you to invest any money and will not pay you interest on any money you send us. If you purchase goods or services from this website there will be no element of "investment" in that payment and the entire purchase price will be for the selected goods or service only.

Please Allocate Credits to your sites or they will not be seen.

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